Our Company

  • Marfrig Europe is the trading name of Weston Importers Ltd.
  • Weston is one of the leading suppliers of Canned Meats, Cooked Meats, Beef Extract, Beef & Rice and Plant Based products for retailers, food service providers, wholesalers and manufacturers in the UK and globally.
  • Our product portfolio includes, but is not limited to, Corned Beef, Stewed Steak, Minced Beef, Frozen Cooked Meats, Beef Extract, Beef & Rice, Plant Based products and many more.
  • All products are manufactured by our parent company, Marfrig Global Foods, mainly in Brazil and Uruguay at the following fully accredited production facilities:
    Pampeano Alimentos S.A., establishment SIF226 in Brazil
    2. Marfrig Global Foods, establishment SIF2543 in Brazil
    3. Marfrig Global Foods, establishment SIF 2015 in Brazil
    4. Colonia S.A., establishment 30 in Uruguay
  • We have a dedicated team who are experts in their field, offering you solutions in Commercial, Logistics, Technical and much more.
  • The UK team is specialised in importing goods from our processing facilities, providing all the necessary arrangements for customs clearance, storage and distribution, giving you absolute peace of mind throughout the supply chain
  • For additional information about the company, please visit www.marfrig.com.br/en